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contribute to the positive development and quality of life choices for participants


  • BAM designs training programs and coaching for junior / high school athletes, grades 6th - 12th interested in multi-sport competition

  • BAM will offer MONTHLY workshops to assess, educate and improve competency in three sports, swimming, cycling, running

  • Training options that are scalable to the financial abilities of each participant leveraging financial and equipment sponsorships.

  • Athletes will be able to compete at various STATE and NATIONAL championship levels. 

  • BAM will improve personal awareness, problem-solving, personal management and integrity 

TRI 101 workshops will be offered monthly from January - April 

TRI 101 workshops will be designed and marketed to specific populations

During TRI 101 clinincs Young athletes will be recruited and encouraged to participate as a team member of BAM
Training programs and coaching will be provided 


Foundations is the introductory group to BSL. This group primarily focuses on building the foundational skills needed to progress legally in all 4 strokes. Swimmers will begin learning the basics of competition skills, including, push-offs, streamlines, starts and finishes. Basic dryland routines may be introduced to increase coordination and balance.


Required Equipment: Water Bottle, Kickboard, Fins, Mesh Bag, Backpack




Development builds upon the foundations previously learned skills while developing more advanced skills. Swimmers are taught advanced drills while further developing competition skills and beginning to attend more swim meets. Dryland routines will be used in order increase coordination and athleticism. Swimmers in Development generally compete in local competitions.


Required Equipment: Water Bottle, Kickboard, Fins, Mesh Bag, Backpack




Refinement works to further develop the skills previously learned while refining specific technique and competition skills. Swimmers will be introduced to aerobic and interval training while maintaining efficient and repeatable stroke mechanics. Intermediate dryland routines are introduced to develop athletic skills and core strength. Swimmers in Refinement compete in local and regional competitions. 


Required Equipment: Water Bottle, Kickboard, Fins, Pull Buoy, Snorkel, Mesh Bag, Backpack




Performance is the most advanced level of the BSL age group program. Swimmers will continue to refine repeatable stroke mechanics while focusing on conditioning and training consistently. Swimmers will be challenged with intense swimming sets with a focus on race and meet preparation. Intermediate and advanced dryland routines are introduced to develop athleticism and core strength. Swimmers in Age Group Performance compete in all scheduled local and regional competitions.


Required Equipment: Water Bottle, Kickboard, Fins, Pull Buoy, Paddles, Snorkel, Mesh Bag, Backpack




Senior focuses on technical development, seasonal performance, and periodic training. Emphasis is placed on aerobic endurance, explosive speed, and lactate tolerance in the water while advanced dryland and strength training is introduced. Swimmers in Senior strive to attend all available practices to ensure consistent and progressive training. Senior swimmers compete in all scheduled local and regional competitions. 


  • Required Equipment: Water Bottle, Kickboard, Fins, Zoomers, Pull Buoy, Paddles, Snorkel, Tempo Trainer, Chute Set, Mesh Bag, Backpack




  • Swimmers can move groups at any time at the discretion of the coaching staff. Most moves happen between seasons but that is not always the case. Many factors go into when it is the "right time" for a swimmer to move groups, including but not limited to:


  • Age

  • Mental/Emotional Maturity

  • Biological Maturity

  • Speed

  • Qualifying Times

  • Endurance/Ability to handle training loads

  • Sportsmanship


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