Tracy McKay, "Coach TMAC",  has over 30 years of experience training and developing athletes for beginner, intermediate and world class events.  He has successfully combined and leveraged his background in counseling/organizational psychology with his expertise as an endurance athlete and coach.   

Premature at birth, I weighed only 5lbs.  
I wasn't much of an athletic kid.  I wheezed when I ran, I was too small to play football effectively, too short to play basketball and I was terrified of a baseball.  At 12 years , I rode my bicycle 42 miles for a charity event and something clicked... I was the last person on a rainy course eating french fries as I rode.

At the age of 19, I completed my first triathlon.  
We swam out into the Gulf of Mexico on an overcast day during jellyfish season.  1/4 mile out and back over the powerful  swells and an overcast sky.  Suddenly, I was swimming into people who were stopped.  They were brushing away swarms of jellyfish.  I crossed the finish line 23rd overall and that was it, I got the bug and never looked back! 
I began training for triathlons with ALL AMERICAN TRIATHLETE Therese Bynum, owner and race director of TEAM MAGIC and Junior Olympic swimmer Suzie Hosman.  I owe my start in the sport and early development as an athlete to them both.  Without their patience and early guidance, i doubt that I would be coaching today.

I found myself living in a1 room apartment & everywhere I went was on my bike.  There was no TV, no computer or laptop just a radio and 2 bikes.  In the morning worked as a lifeguard  and in the evening I waited tables  stealing food  from the unfinished entrees  - 'May I...'   offering to take away half eaten portion of grouper.  I'd rush it back to the trash cans, gorge on the remains like a starved hyena and go hunting for sweet breads or fries.   Good times, good times...
Becoming a pro triathlete started going south.  I was over trained and underweight.   I began to focus my consulting business which somehow led me back to fitness.  In '95 I opened up the first JOHNNY G. certified/ SPINNING studio in Alabama and pushed the indoor cycling craze into 9 different gyms throughout the state ...  I learned how to fit bikes from  John Cobb, the guy who fitted Lance Armstrong, Phinney, Molina, Scott, Newby-Frazier, Lemond and even the Rabobank team.  ILater I would tweak  process using a COMPUTRAINER and feedback from physical therapists. 


That's when I heard that there was a "record" of 13 hours or such for racing across the state.  I thought maybe if I break that record it would boost my business.  I dropped a few clients, became hyper focussed on my riding and smashed the state record with a dedicated crew averaging 21.3mph for 225 miles.  It worked!  The next thing you know Im getting phone calls from people looking for RAAM partners and crew members.  
Since then I have completed over 180 endurance events.  I currently hold 3 state cycling records, 2 IRONMAN finishes and 3 RAAM starts with 2 RAAM finishes, TNGA/2020 and a 13th place finish in the Virtual World TT Championships stopping at 20.5 hrs/ 352miles with a knee injury.  

I make myself available 24/7 for my athletes and my training programs are customized to meet their needs.  I absolutely love watching my athletes transform and cross finish lines they never thought they would cross. The results speak for themselves.
I can be reached on Facebook,  and via text. 1 205 914 3020 CST.