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extraordinary people, finishing ultra-ordinary things

3x   Guiness World Record / Cycling
7x   State Records/ current
28x National Championships / Triathlon

5x   Senior Nationals / Cycling
7x   Transcontinental crossings 
10x World Championships / Cycling

4x   LEADVILLE / Mountain Biking
4x   RAAM finishes
3x   TNGA finishes /  MTN BIKE
30x IRONMAN finishes
3x   ULTRA SPICE / INDIA / Ultra Cycling
1x   vRAAM / 3rd place OA/ Ultra cycling

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Lt. Col. Bharat Pannu
1st Deccan
1st Ultra Spice
2x Guiness World Record Holder

Bharat has been with me for
3 years.  He is a most gracious athlete with a ton of experience. 
He is steady, precise and positive all the way to the finish line. Bharat lives in INDIA with his dog SUNNY where he prepares for RAAM 2022 and manages the INDIAN NATIONAL TEAM/ CYCLING.



Jennifer Schuble
5x UCI World Champion
6x medalist Paralympics
UCI World Record Holder

Theres not enough room on my site for Jennifers accomplishments. She is intense, goal oriented, methodical and knows her business!
I was fortunate to have worked with her for a brief season prep in which we focused on anaerobic endurance and bicycle fit.  She resides in Birmingham, Al. with her two English bulldogs, Sherman and Panzer.


MB, Fitts, Nancy Hale,
Josephine Lowery

TEAM USA -Triathlon
5th, AG World Championships
6th AG, Geel, Belgium

Inseparable training pals! 
3 working women each with 3 children took it from the local level to the WORLD level.  AT 40 years of age these 3 earned a spot on TEAM USA/ triathlon and found themselves in Geel, Belgium lining up for the World Championships.   

They each have lovely families and continue to strive in the development of community and education.


Scott Thigpen
TNGA, Finisher

Scott has been a most humble athlete with a natural mindset for long arduous days in the saddle. Scott also lost over 75lbs in preparation for his Transcontinental journey.  He is is an accomplished artist, author and practices yoga. 


Linda Fisher, 67
1st time athlete ever

10lb weight gain
English Channel Virtual swim:
21 miles -30 days
30 mile 19 days -SUBMARINER

Linda is a self proclaimed - non athlete who, has made tremendous gains...physically & mentally. Her success can found in the benchmarks she has reached for herself. 

Who knows what's next?!



Neeta Narang
Marathon runner
3x IRONMAN finisher
Finished 2 IM triathlons within a 3 week period!

BERGMAN 1/2 IM, 2nd OA, 1st AG

Cool calm and methodical!
Don't her demeanor fool you. She is a super experienced age group triathlete.  She decided to do a IM distance race and wound up completing 2 IM traithlons within a 3 week period, INDIA and the GERMANY.


Lisa Baldone, 65 
Lost 27 lbs
1st AG,2021 Buster Britton tri
3rd AG 2022 Buster Britton tri
30 mile swim / SUBMARINER

It all started when she simply wanted to move and feel better.  The next thing you know she's dropping weight and signing up for her first triathlon.  By the way, she finshes 1st in her ag, and yes you read correctly, this was her first triathlon.


Sartaj Virk
11yrs old
FINISHER 100k ride

This young tiger trains in northern INDIA.  He is eager, hungry and coachable.  Duie to covid restriction, Sartaj has been training & racing virtually on ZWIFT.  He has 4 top 10 crit finishes against adult men in D category.


Nilesh Zawar
3x IRONMAN Finisher
Finhsed 2 IM within 3 weeks period
BERGMAN 1/2 IM, 2nd OA, 2nd AG

An accountant by day, Nilesh is a fun loving, tree hugger who saves the earth with planting trees!
Nilesh completed 2 IM triathlons in 3 week period, India and then Germany. His recent success was a personal best at IM Kazaksthan.


Chris MacDonald
2nd RAAM

His English is perfect, his Danish is articulated, together he calls it DANGLISH... This ex-pat is a motivational speaker and exercise physiologist in Denmark.  I had the pleasure of serving as  directeur sportif for his 2004 Race Across America.  I would do it again in a heartbeat!


Terri Sullivan

Terri is a self made, determined, no bullshit gal.  She has the mindset and personality to overcome her obstacles and crush the finish line.  Living with a tight schedule, she once ran 26 miles on the highschool track for convenience! 


Dianne T. Davis
Age 70
1132 miles Birmingham, AL. -
Piedras Negras, Mexico

Dianne's life is an epic novel of cross cultural experiences, charity and overcoming the odds!  She has built over 600 homes in Piedras Negras, Mexico, a library, a preschool and a veterinarian clinic. Then she rode her bike 1132 miles to get there for fun.  She broke her elbow 4 months into training, but the next day she was on the trainer!


Coach TMAC

..and well, thats me, sipping coffee and creating training plans...  To my clients, whether you are listed or not on this page... I care deeply about the success of each and everyone of you. I appreciate  your friendship and trust in guiding your efforts. 
Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.


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