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Triatholon Swimmers

What does having a coach look like?

Having a coach means you're not alone.  
It means that someone with a special set of skills and experience has your back.

 It means having accountablity on various levels of technical, emotional and intellectual levels. 

I have combined my 20 years as a counselor with over 20 years endurance racing.

 This combination of skills provides a unique coaching experience that serves you far beyond the newest set of wheels, the brightest pair of kicks,
 WOD's, leaderboards or KOM on Strava.

My athletes are just like you.
They are mothers and fathers.  They have spouses, children, full time jobs or academics pursuits.  Some have an un-quenchable desire to push beyond what is considered normal.  Others simply want to improve their range of motion, overcome an injury and become a better version of themselves. There are still bills to pay, dogs to wash and maybe even kids to chase.  You're going to need help juggling this process.  Thats where I come in.

I get to know my athletes...  
I know what makes them tick.  I hear concerns and fears.  I help them organize their thoughts, tap into their motivations and help them to create certainty for themselves and those around them.

It's not all warm and fuzzy...  
It all starts with a conversation followed by bunch of nerd stuff such as establishing a new BASELINE of data.  I use your personal event history/  PR's and a small battery of assessments to customize your training schedule.  Your training calendar is uploaded to GOOGLE and you are ready to go!   STRAVA, GARMIN, SUUNTO and ZWIFT are used to understand your progress while adjustments are made weekly and bi-weekly. 

Standing appointments...
Set times are scheduled for us to meet either in person or by video chat. 
PLUS, I am available to my clients 24/7, 365 to discuss anything
that impacts your training.  

Bridge the gap...
I've had clients drive 11 hours for a single dinner meeting.  I have flown across the country for assessments and I've used video chat for fittings, 9000 miles away.  I've driven behind my athletes during multi-day events, fed them , wiped their nose and pushed them beyond what they thought was possible, bridging the gap between where they were and where they want to be. 

THAT!   That is what  COACHING looks like... 

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